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    Haarmeyer Fundraiser

    Carol and John Haarmeyer were involved in a serious car accident a few weeks ago that has left our family reeling. We are THRILLED they are alive, however, they will have a long way to go in their recovery. They have both undergone many surgeries with John specifically needing even more. 

    My Aunt Carol loves our 'Sunshine & Whiskey Studs' so much so that she owns just about every color. I thought it would only be appropriate that all of the proceeds from our studs go directly to her.

    If earrings aren't your thing, or you want to give a little more there is also an option on this page to simply send in cash donations. There are increments from $5 to $50, feel free to combine these increments to whatever amount you would like to donate!

    This donation will be given directly to the family. This money will help with everything from the family paying the parking garage fee every time they visit the hospital, gas money for their girls who are constantly driving back and forth from Brenham to Cypress, to the Thanksgiving feast that their son-in-law cooked for the family in the rehab facility just to name a few examples. 

    Please, feel free to leave a note at checkout! We are going to make a book of all of the notes to give to them for Christmas. Hopefully it will keep my Uncle John occupied for a little while, ha! 

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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