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    jeff and kaylee 

    Our Story

    Everlasting Joy started in a small apartment bedroom by Kaylee Landon. After getting married to her biggest fan and supporter, Jeff, she moved to Fort Worth where Everlasting Joy Jewelry is now located today in the Near Southside area.

    To combine her passion for jewelry and passion to make a difference in this world, Kaylee formed Everlasting Joy, a jewelry company that not only provides the latest trends and classics in jewelry, but also assists in ending slavery worldwide through a portion of every purchase going directly towards different organizations that fight the good fight.  

    The Why of EJ

    I created EJ first and foremost to create beautiful things that worship the beauty and goodness of God. I want these beautiful things to help women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. The hope is that EJ pieces can make another mundane morning of getting dressed for work into something fun, and playful, and a way to express yourself. We here at EJ strive to create unique and different pieces that can truly be conversation starters. The hope is that a random person in your office that you haven’t had a chance to talk to tells you that she likes your necklace. This creates the chance for you to repay them with a compliment, start a conversation, and just learn more about that person. I adore the women who come into our store or our booth at shows and just linger.  I am an introvert by nature but EJ has truly taught me to love people. We laugh and try on a million pieces of jewels and deflate from the world for a moment.
    They tell us their stories which are sometimes those awe inspiring, personally involved in trafficking stories and sometimes it is those Moms who need a break from their kiddos stories. Either way, they are unique and amazing people. The hope is that EJ can bring people together. It’s a lot to ask of a little piece of jewelry but I’m willing to ask it.


    A portion of every purchase made through Everlasting Joy is donated towards organizations that we trust and love to help end human trafficking and slavery.
    end it movement       purchased fort worth


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